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PHP has been the most popular backend technology for many years. We have a team of more than 10 experienced developers who use the PHP language as well as its main frameworks Laravel and Symfony. By adopting PHP you benefit from a community of hundreds of thousands of developers.

PHP is one of the most widely used development languages. Popularised by the wordpress solution, the technology on which nearly 40% of the world’s active websites are based, it enjoys an excellent reputation. Its Symfony framework significantly increases the speed of teams. The latest addition to the PHP universe, Laravel, uses the concepts that have made frameworks such as Rails for Ruby and Django for Python so successful.


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Based on Google’s V8 javascript engine, NodeJS is considered very powerful. Another interesting point is that the ecosystem is very light. This is beneficial both for starting up a server in no time and for using machines that consume less energy, particularly in the case of serverless technologies.


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We collaborated together at the end of 2018/beginning of 2019 on a Frontend developer role – React.js – for our User Dashboard, with 1 collaborator from PHP CART embedded in one of our teams. The person was able to integrate very quickly into the team while making a positive contribution to the group based on her previous experience. PHP CART were very willing and accommodating to help us find and onboard this person into our team in a relatively short time frame. Very nice for a startup at our stage of development!

Co-founder & CEO

We entrusted the redesign of our multiplatform mobile application to PHP CART in React Native. 

This bold choice in 2017 proved to be particularly relevant. Today, PHP CART is a strategic partner, we particularly appreciate their reactivity on a daily basis and the fact that we have a multidisciplinary turnkey team at our disposal. Since then, we have implemented numerous projects with PHP CART in areas such as web, design and UX projects.

Adam Phillips


I had the pleasure of working with the PHP CART team, to whom I entrusted the design sprint of our mobile application to create the reference audio series streaming platform. Their involvement from the very beginning of the project was structuring for its future success. Their understanding of the issues and their methods allowed for real efficiency and fluidity in the future. Thank you again for your professionalism!

Mike Hornacett


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